Social Media Optimization helps in Lead Generation

Social Media Optimization helps in lead generation

Before understanding that how social media optimization helps in lead generation, firstly let’s understand what lead generation? and what is social media optimization or SMO ?

Lead Generation

Social media optimization helps in lead generation

Firstly lead generation is the most important part of marketing to increase the growth of our business. When the customer provides you the details like (Name, Email address, and phone number), etc. it means the customer or the user has some interest in your service or products which you are providing to the users.

In other words, Lead generation is the process of attracting potential customers to your business, stoking their curiosity through nurturing, and ultimately converting them into paying customers. A few ways to generate leads are through blog posts, job applications, live events, coupons, and online content.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  Social media optimization is social networks which the social media marketer use to manage the organization’s message and online presence.

Social media optimization

SMO is one of the most widely used digital marketing strategies in the social media sphere. Increasing website traffic from non-search engine sources is the primary objective of social media optimization.
Strategies and ideas for using social media to spread the word about a business, publication, product, etc.; in particular, how to get people to share content that links to a particular website. Social media optimization is a dependable and proven strategy for advertising a website’s offerings.

According to digital marketing strategy social media optimization can be used to increase awareness of new products, brands, and services and we can easily connect with our clients and customer easily and mitigate potential damage to the news.

If you want to optimize your business through social media then you have to follow some steps so that easily u can increase your business and show it on social media platforms.

Firstly, we want to discuss that which social media platform is effective for lead generation for the business. Now it’s a graph, you can analyze from this.

Social Media optimization helps in Lead Generation

Now we have to discuss some steps for lead generation from social media.


Before you plan your next task for the lead campaign you have to sure that all the things are perfect and in place, for you to collect leads organically. you should provide an option in your profile so that customers can contact you easily.

What we can do for optimizing the profile?

Contact information

 If your contact details should be very clear and available properly on your profile but before this make sure that you are able to give responses to the customers by calling, emailing, messenger, or some other means.


 Depending on your goal, different platforms offer unique profile features. For example, if you’d like more newsletter subscribers, add a Sign-Up button to your Facebook Page.

Add a link to your bio

 When more specific tools aren’t available, add a link to your bio. This space is often taken advantage of on Instagram but can be used on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, too. Call to action button plays an important role in social media optimization helps in lead generation.


When a clickable word or image on a computer screen can be clicked on to make more information appear or a new process begins.
The new process which begin from there has a key element, which is LANDING PAGE. Where a visitor can do whole the desired steps to meet the necessities.

A landing page is a page on a website whose primary objective is to convert site visitors into leads. Creating more leads is always the aim of landing pages. A landing page is required that remove all the distraction and user can accomplish his/her goal, therefore user friendly landing page is that where only all necessary information is available.


Landing pages

 Social media lead ads are the lead ads where we aware the people on social media with ads, where the customers should give their information to us. There are many social media that have their own ads manager.  Like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn ads, Instagram Ads, Quora ads, etc.

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Now we will explain all the ads for generating the leads of your business growth:

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads, this is the social media platform by which ads can run for lead generation of your business about 1.5 billion users are active on Facebook. It is the largest social media community for lead generation.

There are two ways of Facebook Ads from which we can easily generate the lead


 A website conversion happens “when a user completes a desired action on your website, like making a purchase or filling out a contact form“. Every business website is built to generate conversions.

 Facebook Lead Ads

 A website conversion happens when a user completes a desired action on your website, like making a purchase or filling out a contact form. Every business website is built to generate conversions.

Twitter Ads

 currently, Twitter is one of the best social media platforms for lead generation. If you want to make the ads or promote the business. The objective of the ads is to aware the people about the brands

There are some ways to make Twitter ads are:


Awareness means to aware people here we don’t have any motive to sell products or services, we can take an example for that when Oppo comes into the Indian market. The Oppo and Vivo were the first who aware the people of their brand through hoardings or campaigns. In awareness, we only reach in the campaign.


 Aimed at maximizing the reach of your Twitter ads, making your brand known to a wide audience while controlling the cost per impression (CPM, cost per 1000 tweet impressions). This objective also offers no segmentation or creative restrictions.

Consideration Campaign

 Consideration campaign Consideration is the second stage of the buyer’s journey. At this step, the potential customer is a little familiar with your product or service, and is evaluating the problem, its urgency, how it can be solved, and whether it really needs to be solved here and now.


Pre-roll is the term for the brief video ads that appear at the start of a video from a Twitter content partner. With Amplify, a brand can run pre-roll video content that corresponds with premium, brand-safe content that business’s target audience is already watching, such as highlights and other must-watch video clips.

  App downloads

In app download campaign we will select CTA as App installs. Brand’s ads will serve to users likely to install the app (within brand’s targeting). If a business choose this, a business will be charged by impressions or when a user clicks into the app store.

   Web clicks

An action that’s counted when someone interacts with your ad or free product listing (for example, clicks a text ad or views a video ad) and then takes an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business, such as an online purchase or a call to your business from a mobile phone.
There several others part of twitter ads as well like Reinteraction with App, Conversion campaign, Video view etc.


Pages should be light which should be easy to upload. The landing page must be relevant. A good landing page will be visually seamless and easily scannable. It should provide users with a clear path, and attempt to be as personal as possible
So here is some important tips which helps brand or business to understand that how social media optimization helps in lead generation.

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